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Destination Wedding Checklist

A list of all the items that, over the years, I saw our couples needed while planning a wedding on the beach. Some are things you need on your wedding day and some are things you need to bring to your ceremony. Let's go!

The list below are things that I will bring to my own wedding. You can make a small bag and have all these items inside, somebody in your family can hold the bag for you during your ceremony.

List 1: Things to bring to a beach ceremony.

  • Bring baby powder. I know this sounds a little crazy but it's true that baby powder text to send off your body really fast so after your ceremony after you take your photos, you can use the baby powder to quickly remove the sand off your feet.

  • Hairspray. Florida beaches are beautiful but sometimes they can be a little windy. Have hairspray with you just in case.

  • Bobby pins and elastics. Same concept here, even if you want to have your hair down you should bring Bobby pins, hair ties, and elastics just in case. Have a plan B for your hair in case you have to put it up.

  • Sunscreen. Bring lots of sunscreens. You don't have to bring it to your ceremony because you will put it on before your make-up, but remember to bring it to Florida.

  • Brush or comb. Like I said before you might need to attach your hair a couple of times, so bring it to your ceremony.

  • Lip gloss or lipstick. After your first beautiful kiss with your new husband or wife, you will want to retouch your lipgloss or lipstick before the Family portraits.

  • Breath mints. Talking about your beautiful kiss, just bring some breath mints, LOL.

  • Extra earrings backs. If you ever dropped one in the sand or even on a fluffy carpet, you will know what I'm talking about. Just bring some extra ones.

  • Double-sided tape. Nowadays dresses are as beautiful as complicated, you never know when you're going to need a little tape to hide something or to give something in place. LOL.

  • Safety pins. Are you should I bring this to all my weddings and we always use them. Sometimes it's for the bride, for the mother of the bride, or a bridesmaid, but I've also had grooms needing safety pins in the past.

  • Water. Consider having a table with water for your guests. They will be sitting under the sun waiting for you for a couple of minutes and the temperatures in Florida can be very high. Maybe even consider getting fans for each one of your guests. You can create very cute ones that match your wedding colors and they are very useful for a beach wedding.

  • Snacks. Bring some snacks with you in the car, brides tend to not eat before the ceremony so it's a great idea to have a snack in case you feel a little dizzy. I recommend that you eat throughout the day but if you can't eat because you're very nervous at least you have a snack.

  • Wet wipes. Bring some wet wipes to clean your hands after you eat your snack. You might wanna bring a straw as well to avoid lipstick smudges.

  • Tissues. You will probably need lots and lots of tissue. Weddings are very emotional and most people need them. As a bride, I remember stuffing tissues in my cleavage. Thankfully, a lot of wedding dresses now have pockets. Yay.

  • Wedding vows. If you chose to write your own wedding vows don't leave them at the hotel. Nowadays, a lot of couples read their vows from their iPhones.

  • Marriage license. This is the most important item to bring to your ceremony. Your marriage license has to be signed by your officiant on the day of your ceremony. Your officiant will take the license with him or her and will return it to the court Clerk to make it official.

List 2: Things to bring to your hotel room

Small scissors


Sewing kit with Bride and bridesmaids' Colors


Pain relievers



Chalk to cover any stains

Cotton swabs and balls



Makeup remover

Body lotion


Feminine products

Curling iron or flat iron


Lint brush

Nail polish


Toothbrush and toothpaste



Any prescription medication

Phone chargers

That’s it, for now. The list keeps growing and I will keep updating it. I hope it helps you with your destination wedding!




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