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Best Beaches in Florida for Weddings

Number one on our list: Siesta Key Beach

Ok, so I absolutely love everything about Siesta Key beach for a wedding. I know it's hard to be objective when I'm a Sarasota photographer that spends most of her time taking Siesta Key pictures but hear me out. Unlike beaches elsewhere that are made up mostly of pulverized coral, Siesta Beach's sand is 99% quartz, most of which comes from the Appalachian Mountains. This is a fact I read on Wikipedia, LOL, however, I can tell you what it means to your feet when they walk that beach.

Siesta Key Beach has the softest, whitest sand I have ever seen. It's so white it sometimes look like snow. And I lived in the Boston, I know what a snowstorm looks like, LOL.

Not only that, but the sand in Siesta Beach does't get hot, yes read that again, it DOES NOT get hot.

Remember being little and running burning your feet in the sand to buy some ice cream or catch up with friends because you were too lazy to find your flip flops? NOT IN SIESTA KEY BEACH. There, you can be lazy and walk barefooted without your eyes watering. I call that my kind of beach.

Now about that water, it is blue and green, aqua, I don't know how to describe it but PERFECT. Most days the water is also still like a swimming pool and most of the year it's warm. In summer it's even hot, like a jacuzzi. You probably think it's too much heat between the water temperature, and the actual temperature, and you are right, but what can I say, I like it steamy :)

Most of the year the water is warm, calm, blue and so inviting you can't resist getting in it.

Siesta Key sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. I've seen so many, especially taking photos with my clients, but I never get tired of looking at them. A dance of colors appears almost every evening and the sky mixes oranges, yellows, purples and blues like a work of art. People come from all over the world to see it and it's definitely worth it. Sunset beach weddings, elopements and vow renewals happen everyday on this beach.

Siesta Key Beach sunsets are magnificent but let's not think that is the only time the sky is beautiful there. Throughout the day a blue sky and cotton clouds add to the beautiful scenery.

Now, who would't want to get married on this beach? Siesta Key Beach weddings are full of beautiful backdrops. It is also very easy to get married in Siesta Beach, all you need is a little help from a company like Sarasota Beach Weddings and Photography (mine, LOL) to get everything ready so you can enjoy the beach with your guests and not have to worry about a thing.

Siesta Key wedding permits are only $50-$75 and hour depending on the date and you can reserve your spot with a simple phonemail to the county at 941-861-7275. A very nice lady will pick up the phone and help you reserve your time.

I hope all this information helps you choose a beautiful spot to celebrate your love.

Till next time,




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